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General Public License not allowed in Lisbon
Trädtopp recording session – Drum kit
Trädtopp recording session
Trädtopp recording session
Estonia’s unique sport

Latvian food
Stairway to Italy

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Cairo 2009: Un viaje en pocos caracteres.


El Cairo: Dia 1. Cruzando calles sin que importe que pasen coches.Intento de estafa moruna. Paseo junto al Nilo. Compras de barrio. EL metro del Cairo parece un CIE.

Exif_JPEG_422Dia 3 en El Cairo: Intento de estafa numero 22.452.Old Cairo hasta las manillas de mierda. Pitas rellenas de carne (?) y verduras(??) en puesto callejero.Mas j-walking,a punto del atropello.Mercado callejero: Colores,Olores,Sabores,Sonidos.Gente rezando en el Metro.Vagones solo para mujeres… etc etc Exif_JPEG_422


Dia 7 en El Cairo: Parte coptica (cristiana) de la ciudad. Sinagoga. Pateo buscando el mercado sin encontrarlo. Mas gente rezando en el metro. Este es el pais en el que me he sentido mas guiri con diferencia.Cairo Tower. Agua. Datiles frescos.Conferencia sobre restauracion en la Opera House.Music Library. Tomando karkade junto al Nilo.Cada vez me cobran una cantidad distinta por la misma botella de agua.

Jugando a la consola en una calle de Cairo.

Dia 9 en El Cairo:En autobus de linea a Giza,invitado por un local.Unico guiri q no va en tour.Piramides montado a caballo. Furgo-taxi de vuelta al centro:claxon y mas claxon,no hay carriles que valga,a toda ostia.Comprados billetes de tren a Alejandria(22 y 23).Comida callejera exquisa.Diarrea exquisa.’-Where are you from?-Al-Andalus’.Bazar Khal-Al-Khalil:especias,souvenirs y carne… de camello. Exif_JPEG_422

Dia 10 en El Cairo:El perro muerto sigue estando junto a la escalera del Metro un mes despues.Fatimid Cairo:origen de El Cairo y del reciclaje de monumentos.Zumo de mango callejero.Proximo objetivo:zumo de canha de azucar.Mujeres tapadas hasta las manos y otras como si fueran a Boss.Policias en cada esquina con escudos antibalas.Maadi:mi barrio,Heliopolis con guiris..El perro sigue ahi.Yo tambien sigo aqui.




El Cairo dia 13:Bus a Heliopolis.Si no me da por preguntar me bajo en el Aeropuerto.Palacio de Mubarak.Voy a la cafeteria Pilgrims,que segun la guia es exquisita, pero ahora es un Starbucks.Baron’ s palace:Casa colonial estilo camboyano.Tranvia de vuelta:Si no me da por asomarme al anden vuelvo a Heliopolis.Jardines de … Al-Andalus:Met Mark(Miami).Zumo de canha de azucar.Koshari callejero:lentejas,arroz, pasta,picante.


EExif_JPEG_422l Cairo dia 14:Con Mark por Citadel.Mezquita Mohamed Ali.Vista del Cairo impresionante.Polucion hasta las trancas.Luego al bazar a tomar Koshari, zumos y te.Me intentan estafar pero me zafo.El se hace pasar por spaniard pa comprar shishas (pipas)-mejor precio.Agua y mas zumo.Pateo pa coger el Metro en Sadat y a casa, reventado.

Exif_JPEG_422Dias 19 y 20 en El Cairo: Vuelta con los yankis por el Cairo nocturno. Concierto de Ahmed Rabie (jazz fusion) en el Opera House: awesome musicians.Cena romántica en Cafe Richie que no pude degustar al estar resfriado, tchs…Despedida de Miss Mona,Bianca’s landlady y mi madre en Egipto.Despedida de la ciudad al amanecer,precioso y triste. Y,como tantas veces, el Hasta Pronto…No se hace más fácil por más frecuente.



The “first three months” test (and the “three months ahead forecast”)

The lake I pass every morning on mThe lake I pass every morning on my view to the ICTY, frozen in Februrary 2012. y view to the ICTY, frozen in Februrary 2012.
The lake I pass every morning on my way to the ICTY, frozen in Februrary 2012.

When I arrive to a new country I have seen myself doing mentally what I call the “first three months test”. The test is simple: Taking into account my first long experience abroad (this is, when I went to Serbia), I annalyze how my life was there during the first three months and I compare it with my current situation, wherever I am .

The parameters I take into consideration are the following:

– Knowledge of the city, the culture, and the local language.

– Friends (and quality of friendship).

– My position in the local music scene (if I have a band or not, assistance to jam sessions…).

– Personal feeling about the city (do I feel like living here longer?, do I see myself here in a few years?).

– Activism in the city/country.

The “test” consists in annalyzing how those parameters where back then in March 2010 in Belgrade and how the situation is in the present. For some reason, my stay in Belgrade has become the “role model” for every project in a new destination.

Dirty Mind Quintet recording. August 2010.
Dirty Mind Quintet recording. August 2010.

Despite the simplicity of the test, the diversity of factors make it interesting and results vary every time I am in a new country. Sometimes, like now, I have no band (while in Belgrade I had already 3), but I may have made closer friends here faster than for example in Greece, where I needed a revolution to make long-lasting friends (althoguh I had some already).

In Serbia I had language lessons, which helped to learn the language, while my knowledge of Dutch is nonexistent. On the other hand, I experienced some activism in The Hague, while in Serbia social movements remain underground after years of wars and non-reliable political leaders.

The final question about my feelings about the city are inconsistent at the moment.

Plein, the main square of The Hague.

Although I love The Hague, the lack of income makes unlikely for me to stay here longer, and therefore I am not really seeing myself here. And that is the second issue: My personal “forecast” for the time ahead.

As you are probably aware, I decided to extend the internship until July. The following months promise to be exciting: Preparing the final briefing for our case, Queen’s Day, an interesting conference in Brussels, and probably a soul/funk band project. I also expect some visits from Andalusia when the good weather comes. In the meantime I will keep enjoying life here. Despite learning, going out from time to time, and having dinners with friends, I travelled quite a lot during the last months: London was the furthest I went, and I did it to visit

Traditional “folk” dance in Maastricht. American folk dance, though.

Antonio (who gave me the title for the blog and who I had not seen in 4-5 years) and Maciek. In the Netherlands I visited Amsterdam (3 times), Utrecht (twice), Delft (uncountable times), Haarlem, Leiden and Maastricht. Besides Brussels, I intend to go to the north of The Netherlands sometime, although I am also considering stay more in The Hague and save money (even low-budget travelling starts to be expensive, damn it!).

Maciek and me in the “I International Molerovers meeting”in London. Extreme volunteering, as usual.

Regarding jobs, I definitely need to keep doing “job-sicking” (as a colleague calls it), but nevertheless I keep being optimistic about it. Why? Because optimism is a revolutionary act.

Berlin (b.s.o.)

Canciones:1-Alexanderplatz (swing) 2-Good old friends (german-american folk) 3-Frikismo legal (avant garde jazz) 4-Schöneberg rocks (bulerías rock) 5-Where did all my money go? (balada) 6-Graduation (big band version) 7-Tempelhof park (jazz manouche) 7-Laura’s Lakes (interlude) 8-PGP Key (fussion) 9-Homage to Döner (Turkish traditional song) 10-Deberes del “Doichecurs” (reggaeton) 11-Visitismo variado (featuring Big Head, Daddy Colombia and the Basque Sound System) 12- Wine tasting (feat. Diana Ism) 13-Let’s play! (funk jazz) 14-At least, I tried (balada) 15-O (rebel rock) 16- Pista escondida (Hopes and Contacts (Serbian jazz).

Found in Translation – Short Review Of A Serbian Dinner

I woke up on Monday morning with some flashes from something that probably happened the night before. First of all I see my best serbian best friends. Then the parents of one of them and my own one are sitting around a table next to a swimming pool in Stari Grad. Then tasty cebapcici, bacon, chicken (meat, meat, meat) and unbelievable bread. Wine from Monte Negro. The talk starts to be louder and everyone starts to feel relaxed. I keep translating from Serbian/English to Spanish. Then more wine. Then I see my father holding a Kalashnikov while “The No Smoking Orchestra” plays the song that repeats the name of that famous russian weapon all over and over. Then my friend’s father (who used to sing in a chorus) starts singing serbian traditional songs. Clap, clap, clap. More wine. Sweets. Hugs. It is getting dark. Rakja. My serbian improves. Chats about montenegrian and serbian people between some representatives of both groups. Then we all realize how mediterranean people are in oposition to northern european: Feeling mediterranean, feeling serbian, feeling… Full. Now it’s dark. We start thanking each other and saying good bye not with distanced hand-shakes but hugging, touching, and huge smiles. Way to Terazije. Wishing a good trip and, once again, way up to Molerova. Before I went to sleep, I thought I probably found myself during the translation.

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