One minority we need to keep an eye on

In the discourse of protection and respect of minorities, there is one group we might want to  re-think our otherwise “good manners”. The minority I am thinking about has been a nomadic one for centuries, although lately they are settling more on the outskirts rather than in the center of our cities. Their  origins and their ethnicity and racial features define them as a specific and  homogeneous, and they are easily recognizable. Sometimes, the terrain in which they place their homes used to be publicly owned and, because of the pressure this group is able to make, becomes private de facto or de iuris.

They tend to pay less taxes than the majority of us. They benefit of the welfare system in many ways but they contribute less to it (if something at all) than the average citizens.

Socially, it is a group that finds difficult to be integrated in the society. They wear special clothes, they listen to the music which represents their group, they commit violent crimes that most of the times go unpunished and they are cynical enough to pretend to be subjects of victimization. Being around the 0.01% of the society, they have a vast control on all of us. With all this in mind, I think there is a minority which is increasingly dangerous and need to be less cautious when saying these things. As Susan George said, “let´s beat the bastards“.

Foto by: CC licence
Foto by: CC licence

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