The train parable

Picture by cindy47452:
Picture by cindy47452:

(Note: This story is not mine and I don’t even know who the author is. My good friend Ana Ajduković told me this story, which she claims is not hers either. She could not find the original although she searched for it. Therefore, this story might, unlike the rest of the content of this blog, be copyrighted. I hope it isn’t. I adapted it a bit.)

It was snowing that day, as it had been doing for weeks. After finishing his coffee, a men got in the train at the Belgrade train station. He looked down at his ticket and looked for his compartment. He had to cross the cloud of smoke a few men smoking standing by the window had created. For a moment, he thought about suggesting to open the windows, but given the look of those men and given the ammount of snow out there, he dismissed the idea altogether.

He sat right across another man, who was sitting inside already, said “good morning” timidly, and barely looked over the newspaper he was reading to give a vague look as a response. After a while, the train departed. The man with the newspaper gets, up, and starts looking through the window the views of Serbia’s countryside passing by. He switched seats, and did this a few times for quite some time.

Then the newcomer passenger asks:

– I’m sorry, is everything ok?

-Mmmm, yes, yes, I am ok. I am just looking for my stop. We should arrive anytime soon, he mumbled, and sat down and stood put for a while.

After some time, he starts again to look around, restless.

– I am sorry sir, but you look anxious. Are you sure you are ok?

The men stands up, goes to the window, looking outside the train.

– I think this might not be my train. I can’t see my stop.
– It seems as if you got on the wrong train. I think you sould leave this train, check the timetable at the train station, and wait for your train in case you got in the wrong one.

– No, no, my stop is coming soon,  I am sure about it, said nervously.

Some time passed before they talked again.

– Sir, I really think you should leave the train. Why don’t you leave it?
– I am still hoping that this is my train.


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