Berlin (b.s.o.)

Canciones:1-Alexanderplatz (swing) 2-Good old friends (german-american folk) 3-Frikismo legal (avant garde jazz) 4-Schöneberg rocks (bulerías rock) 5-Where did all my money go? (balada) 6-Graduation (big band version) 7-Tempelhof park (jazz manouche) 7-Laura’s Lakes (interlude) 8-PGP Key (fussion) 9-Homage to Döner (Turkish traditional song) 10-Deberes del “Doichecurs” (reggaeton) 11-Visitismo variado (featuring Big Head, Daddy Colombia and the Basque Sound System) 12- Wine tasting (feat. Diana Ism) 13-Let’s play! (funk jazz) 14-At least, I tried (balada) 15-O (rebel rock) 16- Pista escondida (Hopes and Contacts (Serbian jazz).

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