I’m not saying goodbye.. I’m just saying THANKS!!

I agree with Sabina that I didn’t want a sad post for my last article in this Blog. After all, I’m writing this after hugging and saying goodbye to my best friends at the train station, so that is sad enough. That said, I am a grateful person and, in order of appearance, I want to THANK: my parents for supporting me (much more than I would support my own son, I think) in this “crazy” decision of leaving everything to go to Serbia; my friends and co-workers at Calesur for respecting with truthful friendship-comaraderie my decision of leaving the coop– keep kicking asses to those who deserve it ;-) ; Miomir Rajcevic and Dragan Radic for accepting my application and supporting me in this process and during all these 9 months, it would have not been possible wihout you; my flatmates in Molerova (Sonia, Lana, Maciek, Johannes and Sabina) for never complaining when, clumcy and empowered by rakja, woke them up in the middle of the night (sometimes I was nice enough to make them enjoy the early mornings as well…), all of you deserve a special part in my heart, Molerovers Forever!; Víctor y Merche for making me feel at home and introducing me to the Spanish community, ¡¡sóis los mejores!!; bartenders, for serving small beers the biggest ones availables (when available) in Andalusia; all the people at my piazza in Vracar, for allowing me to eat again delicious vegetables and fruits (just do whatever you need to do to avoid joining the EU); Sonja Rajin for being such a patient and hard-working teacher, in adittion to a good friend; Dragan at Riff Club for such unforgettable moments, specially the concert during Orthodox New Year’s Eve; Aleksandra and Marina for being there even when we didn’t see each other; Igor and Milan (and their families) for becoming my best friends and allowing me to enter your lives and getting to know you in depth, I love you!; Jasna, Duca and Vesna for being so cute and friendly, All the Best!!!; Milana and Teodora from Dirty Mind for suffering my sometimes loud-funk-too free jazz way of playing :) , don’t ever stop making music!; Lael and Aurelie for so many funny moments and, naravno, for that bottle of wine I’ll share with my new flatmates in Venice; Filp, Aleksander, Dunja, Marija, Uros, Pavle and all others from Belgrade Alternative Guide for becoming such good friends, I miss you all already!!! (reading “A guide to the Serbian mentality” doesn’t help my nostalgia, though :)); Charlie for those unique nights at Bitef; Ida for smiling all the time, helping me with my serbian, and for those seeds I’ll grow in Venice; Pljeskavica/Burek/Palacinka/Pizza makers, for feeding me all this time; all those who came to my farewell party (even when Serbia was on semi-finals!!), because you made me really happy coming; MEC for the final drink and MEC’ers for such a beautiful last night in Belgrade; my best friends, for coming to the train station for a final hug…

For all of you, I won’t say bye because I sincerely want to come as soon as possible to Belgrade or because we’ll meet in Venice or Seville, so I will just say



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