2 weeks to go but 12 months ahead

Yep, everything takes to an end. Also your EVS life. If you don’t believe me just ask Johannes and Sonia, the first two Molerovers that finished their stay in Serbia just a couple of weeks ago. Watching them packing and taking their stuff from the fridge made me realize that, yes, this is the way it finishes, and that I will be the next one packing and eating and giving away whatever it is on my part of the fridge (sorry Lana and Sabina, there won’t be many sweets there…).

It is unbeliveable how all this time and all this situations, people, food, places, music… will be, in just two weeks, part of my past life, although it will be also part of my future. Anyway I try to think positively and think in how much there is to discover in the next 12 months: Lots of work (I’m already studying and I didn’t even get there!!), for sure, but also new people, new cities, new food, new places and new music.

In these weeks I have left my purpose will be following the next list of “10 things to do before taking the 15-hour-train to Italy”:

1- Take the tramvaj number 2 and take a free tour around the city center, while filming it with Maciek.

2- Go to kalemegdan and have a drink there during the sunset.

3- Take pictures of/with: my funny gipsy hairdresser,  the shop assistant at the pljeskavica place in Makenzijeva, Dragan from Riff Club and Roberto and the rest of the crew at “Casa García”.

4- Go to a monastery and buy homemade Rakja (Maciek and Igor, please help in this).

5- Finish the documentary movie about our EVS experience.

6- Go and visit the re-opened tower in Avala.

7- Watch a concert in a splav (this goes for the Beetantone concert on Thursday, 2nd of September at Ladja splav)

8- Record a demo with the Dirty Mind Quintet and enjoying the last time we play together.

9- Have a long farewell party and meeting, at least, the 99% of the people I expect to come.

10- Yes, you all expected this, eating the last pljeskavica and taking, while looking back to Molerova for the last time, bus 83 to the train station.


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