“nAmore” – Seaside in Montenegro and Croatia

Yeah, I swimmed there… Hate me.

On the boat crossing the Kotor bay

Last week I spent 4 days in the seaside (na more, in serbian). I just bought my bus ticket to Herceg Novi 3 hours before departuring and I did not have any room booked or friends there. Anyway as soon as got off the bus after a 13-hour trip (and leaving my mp3 in my seat to keep travelling without me… ) I was offered a cheap room where I stayed for two days. I left my stuff, said hello to the nice bugs who were going to share the house with me and went to enjoy the city center.

Although the sun was burning I enjoyed the beautiful sights and it didn’ t take me long until I went for my first swim in Crna Gora. I spent most of the day in the beach but I went for a long nap until I went out to check out the nightlife in Herceg Novi. Next day I went to Dubrovnik, which I enjoyed and came back to Herceg Novi to sleep. I contacted then some friend who were staying near Petrovac and stayed with them for a short time since I had to go back to Belgrade on Friday evening.

I have to admit that I fell in love with the seaside of Montenegro and Croatia and I can’ t wait to go back there. It was a happy discovering seeing how the seaside is not too exploited. It reminded me of the Andalusian seaside before our particular building-armaggedon in the 60′ s. God forbid the Russians (or whoever has intentions to build there) to not destroy the natural beauty of the ex-Yugoslavian seaside.


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