Squatters in Molerova – Survival Guide

Last week my lovely-as-much-as-patient flatmates suffered the visit of 3 andalusians who were visiting me in Belgrade. Improvising is part of our culture (we are mediterraneans, damn it!) so we  just enjoyed Belgrade (mostly at night) although they (more than me) suffered the heat during the daytime. It was great to meet some friends from Seville after 7 months here and I enjoyed making jokes of everything, speaking fast as hell in Andalusian, know about friends that I left there and how they changed, and, of course, making “botellon”. About this: it was impossible to find ice cubes in Serbia — tip: go where Lana stands at the supermarket and ask the guy at the fish spot for a bag with that ice they use to keep the fish fresh.They will be suprised but you will have some cold drinks.

We had time to do extreme-splaving, devojke-sightseeing, Mtv festival, visiting Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci, rostilj and swimming in Ada at a bachelor’s party, enjoying traditional music in Skadarlija and feeling like smurfs next to these serbians who are all like bodyguards (the smallest ones) compared to us.

Finally, Molerova is a little more quiet but I am looking forward to meet them again either here, in Venice, or wherever. Next post: my first Serbian weeding. Opusteno dear fans, it’s not mine.


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