Snimamo! – Filming in Vrsac and Gudurica

Last weekend Dragan, Maciek and me went to Vojvodina to interview several families of refugees who came from Bosnia or Croatia and settled down in the Republic of Serbia after the 1995. It was our first oportunity to do some filming after months of preparation, delays, phone calls, and some more delays.

Despite the hot weather I think we all enjoyed those three days in Vrsac and Gudurica. We learnt about their experiences and they apreciated our interest to give them voice to talk about their situation.  We have around 5 hours of shooting and we will record some more material next week once we decide on which families we will focus since we have to prepare two 5 minutes long short movies. With the help of Nicola we will be able to do some proper documentaries interesting enough to be watched by you. Stay tuned!



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