Just a moment (almost 6 months in Belgrade in a few sentences)

– Being at the gate of Frankfurt’s airpot and reading “Belgrade”.

– Meeting Dragan and first night views of the unknown city.

– Shoes in the entrance. Meeting flatmates. Warm and quiet welcome.

– Arkabarka and international volunteers. Trying to asimilate that I really live NOW in Serbia.

– Cyrillic!!!

– Casa García and the spanish community.

– Muzicki Forum and posting “Andalusian drummer looking for bands”.

– Realizing I do not get the differences between the different “ch” and “z” sounds. Realizing serbians are friendly and comprehensible with foreigners’ pronunciation anyway.

– First gig in Pancevo with Bicickl.

– Riff Club and its kuvano vino.

– Discovering pljeskavicas.

– Snow like I had never seen. First snow ball fight of my life.

– Getting my box from Spain: oil, salchichon, cheese, jamón…. and clothes.

– Terazije, Kalemegdan, bombed buildings, murals, KC Grad, Zemun, Samostalni Referenti, Ski center, Plek, Mama…

– Travelling: Macedonia, Bosnia, Hungary, Rumania, Slovenia, Croacia…

– First interviews

– Applying… and getting accepted in E. MA :) )

– Starting to miss Belgrade before leaving.

– Becoming a Belgradian


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