Yesterday Lael, Aurelie, Maciek and me had a special working day. After talking with many serbian friends I realized that the dramatic events of the bombings in 1999 had a bright side. Some of them highlighted how people were more friendly and sociable, while others (who were older then) talk about going yo concerts and partying all day long, until the blackouts turned the city in a black hole where you could not see one meter in front of you: no car lights, no traffic lights, nothing..

For a western citizen like me who just head about wars in books or TV, realizing how in such dramatic events human beings can survive and even bring up the best part of them seemed to be a very interesting story to be told. Without any intention of soften the events of 1999, which I personally reject, I decided to start to interview people who were between 12  and  30 years in that moment and  that is how I came to the idea of starting this new documentary as a side project at the MEC. Fortunately for me the rest of the volunteers at the MEC offered themselves to help with this project and it will make it more fun and interesting. I am not a film maker and all help is more than welcome :)

We just started shooting (and we have to check out what we filmed yesterday) but as more and more people want to tell their story we are sure that with some hard work we will have a nice short-documentary before we leave Belgrade.

Stay tuned!


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