War Island

Last saturday I went with Maciek, Lana to a daytrip to War Island organized by our friends of the Belgrade Alternative Guide. Despite the name of the island, it is a peaceful piece of land between the rivers Saba and Danube and today just hosts a dozen of houses for the people who take care of the island. With no electricity and not current water, its inhabitants make of thouse houses their “second residence” for the summer or their main office to take care of the island.

We had a wonderful morning and we enjoyed our short trip on the boat to the island and our walk through it. Well, Maciek was attacked several times by a crazy hawk but he managed to survive :) We were around 20 people from many different nationalities and really had a good time until the weather changed completely and wind and light rain appeared. Then, all our thoughts were being around a nice cup of tea in our warm house in Vracar.

Anyway, we had a good time there and can’t wait for the next daytrip with the BAG. In the mean time, these pictures of our trip will be enough.


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