Pre-on-arrival training Post


Last week we had our on-arrival training in Sarajevo but I prefer to let Lana or Maciej to talk about it. I will concentrate on the small trip Maciej, Lael , Aurelie and I did before the workshop. We left Belgrade on Thursday night  and after an alternatively too hot-too cold bus trip we arrived safely to Mostar. It was easy to find the hostel following the instructions we were given. Our room was fine but we found out that it was REALLY cold at night. At least we were provided with tons of blankets that helped us to survive the three nights we spent there.

After drinking a expresso we went for our first walk around the city. We discovered a city that needs a lot of work. Many of the main buildings are partially or totally destroyed but, on the other hand, we had the chance to meet locals that are willing to change the city and that made us feel like home.

The most important monument is the bridge. Although it was totally destroyed during the war it was rebuilt and it still is the referent of the city.

The old town with its mosques and their antiquities shops reminded me of Sarajevo although, maybe because of the weather, Mostar was not so beautiful.

We met students from Colombia, Lithuania and Spain (along with Bosnians) and we had a lot of fun with them not only during our sightseeing but also in the Balkan music concert  at the cultural center.

It was a great experience and we are looking to go back to Mostar during the summer. Finally, and after eating some Burek and Krompirica and Kafa in our favorite coffe-shop (in front of the bus station) we left on Monday morning and headed to Sarajevo to attend the workshop.


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