Last Monday we had an interesting chat with Miomir. We talked about the recient History of Serbia and the Balkans, the war, and the perspectives of the new generations in Serbia. It was very inspiring and made us want to learn more about this interesting region of Europe.

After that we learned the basic steps to make a film which are:
1- Sinopsis: Short description of the main idea. 1 page shoud be enough.
2- Scenario: Story of your film step by step describing every scene with all dialogues, all actors.. After this there would be a brainstorming to gelp the author and make sugestions. When everybody agrees you go to the next step.
3- Story Board. In this storyboard you describe every scene as it was a “comic book”. It helps to visualize what you will see later in the screen.
4- Book of the recording. This is the “Constitution” of the movie.
5- Production: Record all pictures and al sounds you need for the film and go to the editing room and put all material and edit our film.
6- Postproduction: Do the introduction, the title, the credit list, and in general produce the final version of the film.
You should also make a photo gallery and a making of.
Also, if you are gonna send it somewhere in a physical format you have to make the cover for the DVD.

Important tip: When you do your first film you should mention it so it atracts the attention of festivals that are specialized in young film makers.

Just a final tip: Remember that film-making, as language, has its own “grammar” and “words”. Just learn it in order to use it properly and get to your audience.


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