Around Belgrade

Last time you watched a video in my last post about how it is  a normal day at the MEC. I would like to show you another part of our EVS in Belgrade that is not about work. Last night two new volunteers from France arrived to Serbia and the MEC arranged a dinner with all the staff and volunteers (15 people in total).

We went to a very nice restaurant in Zemum that is specialized in local cuisine and it was It was a great opportunity to meet each other apart from the office. Furthermore, Lana had just finished her project and the “Democracy is… Group” (Johannes, Suncica, Bojan, Vid, Igor, Maciej, Nikola and Mane) had finished their animation (please watch it here). So, as you can see, there were many things to celebrate.

The dinner started with these vegetables and a gipsy band playing very good music for us.


The next day (sunny as I had never seen in Belgrade) we went to a mini ski center inside the city of Belgrade. Don’t ask me how, but we just got on some local bus next to Beogradanka and  after 15 minutes we arrived to a “posh” neighbourhood, then we walked 10 minutes and we got to a wonderful place with amazing views of the city, two very nice caffes and… a SKI SLOPE!  Chek this pictures if you don’t believe me:



After this trip we were hungry and while my vegetables, rice and pasta are quietly in my fridge I always cheat on them with a Pljeskavica. Although the place that I am showing below recently fell from the top position to the 3rd in my Pljeskavica Makers of Beograd Rank, they still get most of my Pljeskavica Money since they work just 5 minutes from our house and they are open 24 hours…



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