An ordinary day in MEC

If you have been reading about our life in Belgrade you are probably missing some important information: Work. Before I got here I didn’t know how a a Media Education Centre would look like, how the workshops would be and the most intriguing question: How does a polish volunteer dances to a song that has not been added to the video yet?  :)

In the next producTION (my first one, so not really professional) you will be able to see Maciej working on the “Democracy is…” project (while dancing to the imaginary song), Sonia delighted with being in a videoclip, kids learning in the animation workshop, Vid showing us how to use the animation box and, last but not least, Sonia doing a “state of the art” drawing.

This is MEC on a sunday evening:

videoMEC final


First day of pre-production

Last friday Miomir and I went to a town next to Belgrade in order to start with the pre-production of our documentary about refugees, which will be my main project. We had a meeting with members of the City Hall and the local TV station. Since it was a great oportunity to establish links with all of them, we also told them about other projects we were planning to do in the area as a workshop for unemployed population.
Miomir said that he had a good feeling after those meetings and that we could receive some help from them. After that we went to a very nice kafana where we ate a meat soup, lamb and a salad while listening to balkan music played by very talented gipsy players. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me!

When we got to Belgrade we saw the flat for our french friends who will come in February to volunteer in the MEC. It is a modern flat, well connected (20 minutes from MEC and 10 from our “Morelover’s” house) and we think they will like it.


Last Monday we had an interesting chat with Miomir. We talked about the recient History of Serbia and the Balkans, the war, and the perspectives of the new generations in Serbia. It was very inspiring and made us want to learn more about this interesting region of Europe.

After that we learned the basic steps to make a film which are:
1- Sinopsis: Short description of the main idea. 1 page shoud be enough.
2- Scenario: Story of your film step by step describing every scene with all dialogues, all actors.. After this there would be a brainstorming to gelp the author and make sugestions. When everybody agrees you go to the next step.
3- Story Board. In this storyboard you describe every scene as it was a “comic book”. It helps to visualize what you will see later in the screen.
4- Book of the recording. This is the “Constitution” of the movie.
5- Production: Record all pictures and al sounds you need for the film and go to the editing room and put all material and edit our film.
6- Postproduction: Do the introduction, the title, the credit list, and in general produce the final version of the film.
You should also make a photo gallery and a making of.
Also, if you are gonna send it somewhere in a physical format you have to make the cover for the DVD.

Important tip: When you do your first film you should mention it so it atracts the attention of festivals that are specialized in young film makers.

Just a final tip: Remember that film-making, as language, has its own “grammar” and “words”. Just learn it in order to use it properly and get to your audience.

Around Belgrade

Last time you watched a video in my last post about how it is  a normal day at the MEC. I would like to show you another part of our EVS in Belgrade that is not about work. Last night two new volunteers from France arrived to Serbia and the MEC arranged a dinner with all the staff and volunteers (15 people in total).

We went to a very nice restaurant in Zemum that is specialized in local cuisine and it was It was a great opportunity to meet each other apart from the office. Furthermore, Lana had just finished her project and the “Democracy is… Group” (Johannes, Suncica, Bojan, Vid, Igor, Maciej, Nikola and Mane) had finished their animation (please watch it here). So, as you can see, there were many things to celebrate.

The dinner started with these vegetables and a gipsy band playing very good music for us.


The next day (sunny as I had never seen in Belgrade) we went to a mini ski center inside the city of Belgrade. Don’t ask me how, but we just got on some local bus next to Beogradanka and  after 15 minutes we arrived to a “posh” neighbourhood, then we walked 10 minutes and we got to a wonderful place with amazing views of the city, two very nice caffes and… a SKI SLOPE!  Chek this pictures if you don’t believe me:



After this trip we were hungry and while my vegetables, rice and pasta are quietly in my fridge I always cheat on them with a Pljeskavica. Although the place that I am showing below recently fell from the top position to the 3rd in my Pljeskavica Makers of Beograd Rank, they still get most of my Pljeskavica Money since they work just 5 minutes from our house and they are open 24 hours…


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